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Total raised
Total investors
1 BTC6836.67 UNLB
1 LTC89.29 UNLB
1 DASH267.38 UNLB

The platform motivates users to learn new skills, use them on practice and grow professionally.


Powered by smart-contracts. All transactions and feedbacks are kept in blockchain.


0% fees of deals between users. Decentralized arbitrage.


Project big idea, concept, problem solution and go to market strategy in details.


Project summary and Token utility

Join the Future with Unolabo
The system of motivation for freelancers

Provides opportunities to get demand for skills and encourage professional growth of specialists on the freelance market.

Safety of deals

Scoring of professional level of freelancers. All deals history recorded in the platform’s blockchain-registry. The expert arbitration system for solving disputable situations.

Convenient payment system

UNLB - utility token provides a convenient payment system and P2P payments between freelancers and customers of the platform.

Decentralized rating system

of freelancers’ reputation and maintenance of the blockchain transactions registry to ensure efficiency & safety of deals for both contracting parties.

The growth rate of the UNLB token

Due to a combination of factors: increase of user’s number, increase in number of deals and the frequency of transactions between users on the platform, the growth of the average check for transactions on the platform.

Ensuring social protection

On Unalobo platform users can collect and allocate a portion of their income in pension funds, medical insurance, life insurance and reduce entrepreneurial risks.

Minimum Cap: $3078285
Hard Cap: $22746500
Media About Us
Token distribution
Funds allocation
3% - Early backers
12% - Team & Founders
15% - Ecosystem & MotiVa
5% - Bounty & Referral
63% - Sale

At the end of the main crowdfunding, the founding team will receive 12% of allocation of UNLB, subject to a twelve-month holding period. These tokens will serve as a long-term incentive for the founding team. 88% will be distributed according to the table.

28,8% - Development
12% - Funds for exchange
5,7% - Legal services
46,3% - Marketing
7,2% - Localization

Funds gathered during the token sale phase will create the capital of Unolabo and will be used for operational costs at the development and marketing stages. In a worst case scenario in terms of development the funds (if the token sale was funded fully) would be sufficient to sustain the project until 2023.

Funds for exchange will be used as reserves to provide instant convert of currency on the Unolabo platform for the users convenience.

Coin Offering
UNLB compatibility

ERC20 standart

Unolabo Skillmarket Tokens


Token total amount

~ 36,647,839 UNLB

Speсial condition

Bonus for early investors +15%

Initial price PRE-ICO

1 UNLB = 0.00148 ETH (~0,69$)

Initial price ICO

1 UNLB = 0,002 ETH (~0,93$)


Prototype. Angel Investment Round. MVP. Legal structure and framework.


Alpha testing with Yandex.Money payment system. Design of a p2p platform with skills segregation & decentralized arbitration.


Beta testing of skillmarket platform. Design of an interaction system with international pension funds and insurance companies. Strategic partnership with Logic Ocean Solutions. Start of ICO.


End of ICO. Smart-contract & payment system based on UNLB-token. Design of rating system and loyalty partnership program MotiVa. Beta testing of mobile app. Regulatory compliance plan. Product launch in South Asian countries. Establish partnerships with pension funds, insurance and air companies.


Mobile application release. System of savings and allocation to funds, customizable by users. Expanse in South-East Asian countries. Business growth opportunities in Europe.

Core Team
Timur Galiev
Hong Kong, China

Sociologist. UI/UX Developer. Architect of Unolabo Skillmarket.

Grisha Fedorov
Smart-contract Developer
Moscow, Russia

Grisha Fedorov has worked for Antimarket, QSoft and Sotheby’s. Software/data architect. MQ, cashes, PHP, NodeJS, С, dag format blockchains, coreos, virtualization (proxmox, vagrant, Docker and Ansible).

Sergey Sizov
Information Security
Ufa, Russia

Cybersecurity expert. Experienced in Decentralised databases, Software Development Security, Cryptography, Security Architecture and Design.

Alexander Aleshin
Berlin, Germany

Expert on blockchain & innovation marketing. More than 15 years of experience in business analytics, business processes automation, internet marketing in projects for Deutsche Bank, Siemens, AIG, SAP and Opera Software.

Sergey Esipov
Moscow, Russia

Smart-contract developer with experience of 2+ years in Solidity. PHP, Java, Javascript, SQL, C++\C#, and Python development skills.

Iskander Galiev
CEO, Founder
Moscow, Russia

Background embraces UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD servers management; Zabbix. 3+ years of cryptotrading experience.

Horacio Salas Novikov
Community manager
Santiago, Chile

Economist. Blockchain and decentralization evangelist.

Nicolás Cornejo
IT Business Specialist
Santiago, Chile

9+ years of experience developing and implementing IT Solutions in different industries.

Alexander Frolov
Angel Investor, Mentor
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Angel. Expert in the field of Marketing Strategies with 10+ years of experience at international FMCG companies.

Maxim Kirilenko
Head of International Business Development at SeoPult
Moscow, Russia

More than 9 years of experience in project management and business development. Development and implementation of plans for project competitiveness improvement.

Alexander Kovtunenko
Moscow, Russia

Expert in the field of Due Diligence, Financial Analysis with 6+ years experience at Big Four.

Max Taldykin
UNLB token smart-contract auditor
Moscow, Russia

Expert in smart contracts developing. Haskell, Idris and Rust programmer, specialising in functional programming & formal methods.

Subhodip Dutta
Founder of Logicocean. Founder & CEO of AIRY9 an AI bot & ERP on blockchain
San Francisco

Product development, Growth Hacking, Go-to-market Strategy and Futuristic Technology Innovation. Patents in 3 innovations in blockchain technology.

Konstantin Boyko
Expert of banking
Moscow, Russia

Managing director with 10+ years of practice at Rosbank and Baltic Bank. Expert in the field of electronic payments. 5+ years of practice in IPSP and NCO business. Chronopay, FONDY.

Stay in touch!
What kind of problems does the UNOLABO solve?

Today the self-employed do not have the opportunity to verify their level of income or social rating to get loans from banks. Existing freelance platforms are not provided with financial mechanisms, allowing users to deduct a portion of their income in pension funds, medical insurance, life insurance and entrepreneurial risks.
Current services do not set a goal of professional growth and self-motivation of the self-employed.
In addition, the commissions for the use of these Internet platforms are quite high.
Data privacy is not secured, that can lead to hacking or data distortion.

The team targets on developing the smart contract that ensures not only the execution of transactions between performers and customers, but also determines conditions for interaction of freelancers with international pension funds and insurance companies. Besides the smart contract, Unolabo will provide maintaining rating of the users’ professional activity which will be used for receiving preferences in the partner loyalty program where credit institutions, hardware manufacturers, tools and the software, airline, etc. will be partners.

Why should I participate in UNOLABO crowdsale event?

We will be happy if our investors become users of the platfrom and get the following benefits of it:

  • The platform motivates users to learn new skills, use them on practice and grow professionally.

  • Powered by smart-contracts. All transactions and feedbacks are kept in blockchain.

  • Each user decides what portion of an income save and allocate into pension fund, medical and life insurance.

  • 0% of deals between users. Decentralized arbitrage.

    What is UNLB and what am I getting from buying it?

    First of all, UNLB - token will be used as an universal internal currency and paying for the Unolabo platform services.

    UNLB is Ethereum based ERC20 standard token.

    The token will serve as an utility token for a convenient payment system and P2P payments on the platform. We are looking forward for parthership with popular payment systems: VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB, Amex. Soon Unolabo Skillmarket will launch it’s own payment system with the issuance of electronic payment cards with the support of UNLB tokens.

    Factors affecting on the rate of the token:

  • number of users;
  • frequency of transactions between users on the platform;
  • average check for transactions on the platform;
  • demand for UNLB tokens inside the platform and on the crypto exchanges.
  • What is MotiVa?

    Unolabo MotiVa - partners loyalty program, the reward system for professional growth. The system gives bonuses to users in case of getting new skills, successfully conducted deals and arbitration of disputed deals. Received bonuses open up an opportunity to purchase airmiles, medical insurance, professional master classes, preferential loans and discounts for the purchase of licensed software and tools required for work, etc.

    Why do we need Blockchain?

    Blockchain is an essential kernel which provides decentralized storage of users data, disputes solution. It provides with convenient, time and cost effective payment system.

    What makes UNOLABO smart contracts special?

    Safe & solid deals powered by smart-contracts. All transactions and feedbacks are kept in blockchain.

    Cost effective - 0% of deals between users. Decentralized arbitrage

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