Why should I participate in UNOLABO crowdsale event?

UNOLABO builds the first decentralized self-regulated global skillmarket with p2p safe-deals based on Ethereum Blockchain, adapted for “The Next Billion Users”, targeting over 850M active mobile users in Asia, and then to 3.5B globally by 2030. Our users include migrant workers, expats, unemployed, low-skilled and 73M young people.

What are The Next Billion Internet Users?

It took 22 years to connect two billion people to the internet. Over the next few years, that number will more than double as the global internet population swells to over four billion. This new generation of connected individuals is young, connects through mobile devices and lives in emerging markets.

Why Asia?

Asia is now developing more rapidly than Europe and the US, as described by the statistical data cited in the Whitepaper. Besides, the founders of the project were born in Asia and are aware of the problems of labor imbalance of this region not by hearsay.

What kind of problems does the UNOLABO solve?

Since 2015 analysts of UNOLABO are exploring the possibilities of an alternative solution to the imbalance of supply and demand in the labor market. The task is to develop a global self-regulating market mechanism, based on blockchain, which will become the base of the global marketplace for people's skills. On p2p side we offer safe deals with escrows and instant currency convert.

Why India is the first country to expand the project?

India was chosen primarily as a country with optimal conditions for the implementation and development of the project. Population: 1 335 billion people. The number of mobile Internet users: 442M with domination on global outsourcing market: about 4M professionals. The denomination in 2016 led to an increase in the recognition of bitcoins among users of cryptocurrencies: 11% of all transactions in world trade of BTC / USD pairs are owned by Indian crypto-exchanges and more than 50,000 Bitcoin wallets boasted by indian users.

What is UNLB and what am I getting from buying it?

UNLB is the UNOLABO token that serves as network utility and is needed to operate as “fuel” for UNOLABO network of smart contracts. UNLB utility token holder will be able to buy goods and services with low fee 0,25%, while others will pay 1,35%-2%. By the way, as the amount of transactions grows, the price of the token will grow respectively.

Collected funds will be spent on building people skills ecosystem and infrastructure for remittances, p2p payments, currency exchange and marketing in Asia.

Where users will be able to get UNLB tokens after the project launches?

After the project launches UNLB tokens will be available on exchanges and according to the plan the UNOLABO will have it’s own small reserves for instant convert of users fiat-currency.

What can the UNLB token be used for?

UNLB are the access tokens to the UNLB blockchain and act as a unit of account for the resources spent on UNOLABO. UNLB are the energy (or “crypto-fuel”) used to power any deal implemented on the platform. Every p2p deal on the UNOLABO platform costs something, even if only fractions of cents.

For more information regarding applications, consult the UNOLABO whitepaper, visit the website or continue reading this FAQ.

What makes UNOLABO smart contracts special?

Manifold factors contribute to UNOLABO uniqueness! One major advantage of UNOLABO smart contracts is the fact that they are created to make safe deals between users of the platform. The UNOLABO escrows will function as a crypto-court.

Why do we need Ethereum?

Ethereum is great for this type of use-cases, that require a fully public index of things (e.g. tokens, …). UNLB is focusing on scalable, real-world uses-cases.

What is the legal status of UNOLABO?

We will provide a rock-solid technology to build on, but that wouldn’t be enough if it wasn’t based on a legally safe foundation. UNOLABO is incorporated in Hong Kong and is in regular contact with regulators to keep track of the project’s legal status. The team includes a legal adviser and makes use of additional legal consultancy on an ad-hoc basis.

What can I expect to happen from UNOLABO in the near future?

The first testnet is now ready! We will be adding more features all the time. Start interacting with UNOLABO by visiting unolabo.com

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